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About Not Too Shabby By Marisol Gullo

Marisol Gullo owns and operates Not Too Shabby Boutique in two locations, along with her husband, Tony. Their two locations are located in Miramar Beach, and Inlet Beach, FL. There they specialize in home design and Marisol's beautiful art. 


Marisol has taken her life experience and built her own, one of a kind aesthetic and vision. Marisol grew up in Costa Rica, earned her law degree, and became a lawyer. She and Tony met in Costa Rica where they decided to get married and move to the United States shortly after. Tony had vacationed in South Walton as a kid, and brought Marisol to the Gulf Coast during their honeymoon and she immediately fell in love. They promised each other they would move to the area one day to start their family and sure enough, within a year they packed up and moved to South Walton in 2001. 


Marisol was drawn to the beautiful and peaceful way of life in South Walton and felt that there could be no place more perfect to raise a family. She and her family love the community and have built a life and a business here. Marisol loves the melting pot feel of the area and loves that so many people have chosen to live here on these beautiful beaches and all realize how special a place South Walton truly is. 

Marisol's Gallery

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